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October 2006
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Wonderful Wyoming

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Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park

This month we are going take you to a beautiful national park in Montana but also to an equally beautiful park that is located with our neighbors in Canada. We are going to take you to Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park.

In 1895, the Canadian Parliament set aside land on the US and Canadian border in Alberta, and named it Waterton Lake Forest Park. In 1910, the United States Congress set aside land in Montana and named it Glacier National Park. These parks shared a biological, botanical, ecological and an international border. In 1932, the Canadian Parliament and the United States Congress agreed to make these two parks into the first international park and they named it, Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park.

History & Culture

Photos of Both Parks

Images From the Past

Wildlife Photos

Waterton Side of the Park

Glacier Side of Park

Geology of Glacier

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