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August 2006
Technically Speaking

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD v.5

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Wonderful Wyoming

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August 2006 Newsletter Article
Recent “The First Responder” articles

The summer of 2006 has been a busy time for AristaTek, not that the rest of the time is slow. There are a few things I wanted to pass along to our readers, whether they are customers or not, regarding certain events and activities.

First – It came to our attention about the middle of August that even though we had submitted our newsletter for transmission for those individuals that had requested “The First Responder”, it wasn’t getting out of the starting gate. It turns out there was a problem encountered when we changed to a different email server, and the March issue of the newsletter was probably the last one most people received. So for those readers interested in the missed issues you can access those articles from our web site at the following:

The following table is provided that summarizes the articles in these past issues that may be of assistance to readers (there was no issue in May 2006). The issues also include the Just What the Doctor Ordered (humor section) that is assembled by Barb Coulthard, who also does the Wonderful Wyoming and Surrounding Areas section of the newsletter.

Month / Issue

Technical Article
(Dr. John Nordin)

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD
(Bruce King)

Wonderful Wyoming and Surrounding Areas
(Barb Coulthard)

April 06 / 49

Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen Cyanide in the PEAC® Tool

Little Big Horn National Battlefield

June 06 / 50

Vapor Cloud Explosions and Fires

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and its impact on our society

Mammoth Site Museum in Hot Springs, South Dakota

July 06 / 51

Nuclear Fission Bomb

CEDAP Discussion

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Again, we apologize for the problem and hope you enjoy the newsletter.

The second topic is related to the new application process (Phase III) that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has opened for the CEDAP (Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program), designed for rural and small jurisdictions. As with the CEDAP Phase II portion, AristaTek and Davis Defense Group, Inc. located in Quantico, VA submitted a proposal for Phase III, which was accepted. The article in the July newsletter described the new PEAC Command Package, which was different than what was offered in the Phase II round.

In early August, AristaTek and Davis Defense Group were notified by the CEDAP officials that the CEDAP Phase III catalog would contain the same offering as the Phase II catalog rather than the new PEAC Command Package. The Phase III catalog has been updated and posted at the on-line CEDAP application web site which is located at the RKB, Responder Knowledge Base, web site: The application period started on August 16th and will be open through September 22nd. For those CEDAP applicants that have questions regarding the PEAC-WMD application and its capabilities please call (877-912-2200 or 307-721-2126) or email ( our staff at AristaTek and we’ll provide any assistance or help.

The third item is a change of address for AristaTek. To have access to additional space, we’ve moved to a new location in Laramie. The phone numbers, fax numbers, email, and web site obviously stay the same, but our address is now as listed below.

AristaTek, Inc.
710 Garfield, Suite 220
Laramie, WY 82070-3916

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