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February 2006
Technically Speaking

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD v.5

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Wonderful Wyoming

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park

Initially the Wyoming Territory covered areas of Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Idaho and Utah. We have decided that we need to include information in these additional states in this section of our “The First Responder.” In regards to tourism, recreation and history, they all meld together.

This month we are going to present some information to you about Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota. This cave was the first cave ever made into a National Park. Wind Cave has boxwork construction which is very rare for caves and depending on the existing conditions, it either blows wind out of or into the cave. The Sioux considered it a very sacred place, it is where “White Buffalo Woman” originally came to the people. Included in the websites below is information on the Sioux history.

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