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December 2005
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News and Events - December 2005


CEDAP (December 2005)


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness (SLGCP) is providing equipment to smaller agencies through a new and innovative pilot program. The Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP) is designed to fill gaps with small agencies in areas of equipment they have not previously been able to acquire through other sources.


In August 2005, AristaTek in conjunction with Davis Defense Group (DDG) located in Quantico , VA submitted a proposal to the Electronic Proving Grounds Special Programs Office, Fort Huachuca , AZ that acted as the contracting agency for DHS’s CEDAP. The proposal was reviewed, evaluated, and was accepted as one of many products to make a presentation to the DHS “subject matter experts” in Tempe, AZ in September 2005. On October 6, 2005, Davis Defense Group and AristaTek were notified of acceptance by DHS to the CEDAP.


The PEAC-WMD software will be one of the products available in the CEDAP catalog, which is to be available for examination on the Responder Knowledge Base (RKB) A description of the program can be downloaded from the RKB or by clicking here.

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