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 November 2005

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Wonderful Wyoming

Seriously Speaking

Wonderful Wyoming!


Mustang - the small hardy naturalized horse of the western plains directly descended from horses brought in by the Spaniards. This is the definition of mustang, but these tough adaptable little horses always remind me of the type, temperament and toughness of the people who settled the Old West.

This month we are doing something a little different from our regular article we are talking about other states and Wyoming. We still have some wild mustangs but there are other areas in the United States and Canada who are trying to save these amazingly resilient little horses. Ever try to think of the Old West without horses; no outlaws, no cattlemen, no travel from coast to coast, no lawmen, no Indians, etc. These animals are a symbol of the Old West and all of the thoughts those 2 words conjure up in your mind.

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