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 November 2005

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Customer Service Corner - by Aaron Bretones

Verify & Update PEAC-WMD, and Download Other Files

Unless you purchased the PEAC-WMD after May 1 of this year, you probably do not have a CD with the latest version of the software. In December of 2004, AristaTek released version 5.0 of the PEAC-WMD program and sent out CD's to all eligible customers.  In May of this year, version 5.1 was released.  The current version, which all of our customers should have, is version 5.11.

At the same time as the release of version 5.0, AristaTek redesigned and relocated its website.  It was decided that program updates would be available as file downloads from the new website, instead of mailing out new CD's.  However, customers who have difficulty downloading the updates can request the updates on a CD.

How to check your version of PEAC.

In the WIN version (for Windows computers) of the PEAC-WMD program, open the program and click on "Help" and "About." The first line of text will read "PEAC-WMD[TM] 5.11."  If the numbers read "5.0" or "5.1", you should download and install the latest version from the website.

For the Pocket PC version of the software, open the program, then tap on black and white "File/Menu" icon [] in the lower left corner, then on "Help." See the images below.

This is the "About" window for the Windows program.

This is how it looks on the Pocket PC.

How to find download and update files.

To get to the file downloads on our website, click on "Customer Service" and on "Login."  Enter the case-sensitive username and password, found on a bright colored label on the program CD envelope or jewel case. The following images show how the website and login look." Be careful logging-in on the website - after three failed attempts, you will not be able to login at all. If this occurs, call AristaTek to have your login reset.

For more details about usernames and passwords, logging in to our website, and validation, see the "Customer Service Corner " in the July newsletter issue of this year.

Once you have signed in properly, click on the "File Download" link on the left.  (Note: if you have not yet registered your license of the PEAC-WMD program, "Registration"will be the only option available until that is completed.)  Then you can make choices regarding the version of the program that you have.  The image shown here is similar to what you will see on the website. It has been altered to show all the menu lists.

When you make your selections on the menus shown above, you might not have all the options.  And even if you are given all options, they might not work for you.  Each username and password is assigned a particular license for a particular version of the PEAC program - Windows or Pocket PC.  So if your username and password are for a Pocket PC version of the program, you will only be able to get files for the Pocket PC.

Another important point to know about the choices here concerns the language options.  Even though you may see Spanish and French here, the PEAC-WMD program itself is not yet available in these languages. These references are for the default language file for the ERG 2004 that is viewed in the program.  Regardless of which language is chosen, the other 2 languages of the ERG can be viewed as supplemental database files.  These are installed automatically in the Windows version of PEAC-WMD application.  However, in the Pocket PC version, the ERG in the other 2 languages are not automatically included when the program is installed.  This is done to conserve memory space on the Pocket PC itself.  The other 2 languages can easily be added manually if desired. Call AristaTek and we can help you through the process.

How to select download files.

The image below has been altered to show all possible files that can be downloaded. Customers will have a shorter list of files from which to choose, but the categories shown here will be the same.  To download a file, simply click on the file you would like. When given the option, select "Save" instead of "Run."

Executable Files

The first set of files are the "Installs" files.  These are ".exe" files which are directly executable once downloaded.  These are single files, not "packages" or groups of installation files.  Users typically only need to download one file.

Zip Files

The second set of files are "ZIP" files.  Many people are behind safety firewalls which do not permit the download of executable files.  In this instance, the zip files can usually be downloaded without problems.  The US Department of Defense is now zapping e-mails with ZIP files attached, but so far they haven't excluded ZIP files when downloading.  Once a file is downloaded, right-click on the file, then click on "Extract Files."  This will bring up a window that will allow you to select a location for the setup folder that will be unzipped.  The setup file or a set of files will be unzipped into a folder.  Simply open the folder and double-click on the "setup.exe" file to begin the installation or update.

Database Files

The files at the bottom of the download list are database files that are already included in the PEAC-WMD programs.  The only exceptions might be language options for the ERG in the Pocket PC version of the program.  Any of the database files can be downloaded and reloaded into the program if the original database files have been inadvertently changed, removed, or corrupted. (See next month's "Customer Service Corner" to learn about adding files to the program.)

Important Validation Information

When the PEAC-WMD program is installed for the first time, it has to be validated.  This is one of the ways AristaTek monitors the installations and making sure that the program is not pirated illegally.  If the program is updated, or even deleted and re-installed, it should not need to be validated again.  Because of this, if a person has one license for the program, they only need one validation.

The only exceptions to this would be: (1) if the computer has been reformatted and the program re-installed,  (2) if the program is removed and installed onto another computer, or (3) if the PEAC-WMD program is on a PDA that has lost all its power, and thereby, lost all its data and programming.  This last example is quite common for many of our customers.

One of the problems inherent with today's Pocket PC's is that they use volatile memory.  If the power is completely drained, they will lose all the programs and data that were stored on them. For more details about this and how repair such a situation, see the "Customer Service Corner" article for September of this year.

For more details and important information regarding the validation process, see the "Customer Service Corner"  for the July 2005 newsletter.

Need Individual Help?

Many issues dealing with computers, programs, and Pocket PC's seem relatively simple to some people.  But for many people, some problems are not easy to resolve.  If you need assistance dealing with the PEAC-WMD program on your computer or Pocket PC, don't hesitate to call AristaTek for customer assistance.

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