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Friday, October 21, 2005

October 2005


Technically Speaking

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD v.5

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Wonderful Wyoming

Seriously Speaking

Something to Think About

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Technically Speaking
Figuring Out Information on Chemicals Can be Frustrating
       by Dr. John Nordin

We have all run into the problem of researching information on chemicals. Do we have the right chemical? Is Phenylenediamine the same as n-Phenylenediamine? Is Isopropyl methylphosphoniofluoridate another name for Sarin? Is Mercury chloride the same as mercuric chloride? What is the difference between 5 ppm chlorine and 5 mg/m3 chlorine? If an organic chemical has a vapor pressure of 30 torr, what does this mean?

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD v.5

NBC Indicator Matrix in the PEAC-WMD Application
       by Bruce King

This month we'll visit the NBC Indicator Matrix feature and how it is implemented in the PEAC-WMD application.  The original guide was developed by the US Department of Defense (DOD) that assesses the observed symptoms of a large number of victims to provide guidance as to the type of possible weapon of mass destruction (WMD) agent to which they have been exposed. The tool may or may not be useful in a real scenario and it is certainly not a substitute for appropriate sensor or detector systems or laboratory analysis  ...

Customer Service Corner
Check Out Our NEW Newsletter!
       by Aaron Bretones

Our newsletter is changing. Starting this month, we are hosting and processing the newsletter ourselves, and no longer using a third-party newsletter service. Our newsletter, The First-Responder, will continue to have the same name, the same articles, and come to you at about the same time each month. There are a few small but important changes to note.

Just What the Doctor Ordered
More great humor to get you through the month.

Wonderful Wyoming
Learn about the Home of AristaTek! 

Seriously Speaking 
What You Didn't Know About The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier [FULL STORY] 

Something to Think About 
Fun and Interesting Facts!

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