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 October 2005

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Customer Service Corner - by Aaron Bretones

Check Out Our NEW Newsletter

Our newsletter is changing. Starting this month, we are hosting and processing the newsletter ourselves, and no longer using a third-party newsletter service. Our newsletter, The First-Responder, will continue to have the same name, the same articles, and come to you at about the same time each month. There are a few small but important changes to note.

Email Filtering

Since we are using our own email server, there may be some differences in delivery. If your newsletter shows up as SPAM, please be sure to add it to your approved email senders list. With the many different email programs, versions, and interfaces out there, there is no way we could explain how to do this for everyone.  Using Outlook 2003, this is done by right-clicking on the email summary line, which will bring up a menu, then left-clicking on Junk E-mail ->, then clicking on Add Sender to Safe Senders List. See the figure below.

Outlook Express does not have a Safe Senders List, but you can set up a Rule from the Tools menu that can keep the newsletter from being tagged as SPAM. Other email programs have similar utilities to help filter and sort email. Adding AristaTek's newsletter email address to the Safe Senders list will make sure that future newsletters will go directly to your Inbox and not into SPAM folders. With exciting new program features in the works, you will not want to miss upcoming issues that will announce their introduction and explain them. 


All of the old newsletters and articles will be archived on our website. That means you can still look back at all the old articles for helpful information. However, you will not be able to get to them using the links from the old newsletters. You should be able to access all the old newsletters from our website, by clicking on the Company link and scrolling down to Newsletter. You can also get to this page here: . We have even tried to give access directly to particular articles, listed by title, from this archive page.

Other Links

With the new newsletter, we have tried to clean up the clutter on the screen. The newsletter front page will contain links to each of the articles in the newsletter, to the demo request page, to archive newsletter issues, and to unsubscribe.

Each article will be on a page that is very similar to our regular web pages. Some links will remain on the article pages, such as links to the other articles of the current newsletter and to the main newsletter front page. The only other links (so far) come from the regular web pages of our site, namely, Home, Products, Customer Service, Company, Contact, and the submenus of these categories.


Most users will be able to print the newsletter and its articles without having to adjust their print settings.  To ensure the newsletter prints correctly, highlight the text of the newsletter, or only the text you wish to print, then click on File/Print.../, and click Selection and then Print.

In the future we may provide the articles in .pdf format which will allow users to keep an electronic copy of the articles and allow them to open and print the articles in an easy-to-read format in Abobe Reader. If we do this, there will be links on each page for the .pdf documents.

All articles and the newsletter itself are protected under copyright and cannot be reproduced, re-published, or modified without permission from AristaTek, Inc. and the authors of the articles. We do encourage readers to use, print, and share the information from the newsletter with their colleagues. Newsletter emails may be forwarded to other readers who may be interested in their contents. We also allow the public to subscribe to or unsubscribe from our newsletter at anytime. There is a brief form on our main newsletter page for this.


As always, we welcome your comments and suggestion you may have about our website, newsletter and ideas for articles.

Copyright AristaTek Inc.  All Rights Reserved