PEAC-WMD Software Training

A Constant State of Readiness

Whether your next incident involves a spill caused by a gasoline tanker roll over, tractor trailer diesel spill, or other more unusual and potentially serious chemical release, any community is always subject to an incident relating to hazardous substances, whether of accidental or intentional origin. Such incidents need not escalate to the disaster level if the proper tools and procedures are employed. The PEAC software puts the best tool of its kind in the hands of responders, at the incident, when your team needs to KNOW!

However, even the best tool is of little value if response personnel and incident commanders are not thoroughly trained in its use.

AristaTek supports this goal by providing the finest hazmat decision support tool available and encourages a comprehensive state of readiness by providing multiple resources for training new users and maintaining the highest proficiency levels of existing users.

Take a moment to review our many training resources which can be tailored to your agency’s specific size and requirements. Please contact a member of the sales or customer service staff at AristaTek, 877-912-2200 or to discuss your training requirements and to schedule training.

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