Thursday October, 2009 - Vol. VIII Issue 10

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Technically Speaking
Real-World Explosions and Fire Examples: Part 2
By Dr. John Nordin, PhD

In the July 2009 Newsletter article we took a snapshot look at some real-world example explosions involving chemicals including fuels, several at industrial facilities. We concluded that the PEAC tool can be used by responders as a rapid first assessment of an incident or to help recognize a potentially dangerous situation where things can go wrong and what action can be taken. We will examine three more real-world accidents in this newsletter.(FULL STORY)

Just What the Doctor Ordered
More great humor to get you through the month. (FULL STORY)

Photo Corner
Brief Summer in the Snowy Range (FULL STORY)

Where do we at ARISTATEK call home?
Interesting stories and facts from our neck of the woods... (FULL STORY)
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