Monday November 1, 2010 - Vol. IX Issue 7

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Technically Speaking
More on Vapor Cloud Explosions and Fires
By Dr. John Nordin, PhD

Safety Board, which is the federal organization that investigates chemical accidents at facilities in the United States, has recently identified two types of accidents that are occurring somewhat frequently resulting in death. That organization is recommending changes in industry standards and also regulations to minimize accidents, but first responders also need to recognize the situations. Both kinds of accidents involve natural gas or hydrocarbon vapors which contact an ignition source resulting in explosion and fire. One class of accident occurs when industry or power companies purge and vent lines or equipment with natural gas before placing into service. The other accident occurs when unauthorized people (usually teenagers) hangout at unsecured oil and gas production sites. (FULL STORY)

Just What the Doctor Ordered
More great humor to get you through the month. (FULL STORY)

Photo Corner
Summer in the Snowy Range (FULL STORY)
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