Sunday November, 2009 - Vol. VIII Issue 11

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Technically Speaking
Methyl Isocyanate
By Dr. John Nordin, PhD

The methyl isocyanate spill near Bhopal, India, during the night of December 2-3, 1984 was at the heart of what is often cited as the world’s worst industrial disaster involving a chemical release. The exact number of people who died from this methyl isocyanate exposure is in dispute and depends upon the information source, but the government of Madhy Pradesh which includes Bhopal confirmed 3787 deaths initially related to inhalation exposure. Other estimates have been up to 10,000 deaths within 72 hours of the release, plus another 20,000 deaths due to long term effects. Another 100,000 to 200,000 people have been estimated to have permanent injuries. All this from a spill of 42 metric tonnes (42,000 kg; 92,400 lbs) of methyl isocyanate from a very large storage tank.(FULL STORY)

Seriously Speaking

Just What the Doctor Ordered
More great humor to get you through the month. (FULL STORY)

Photo Corner
Late Summer Scenes in Wyoming and Colorado (FULL STORY)


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