Monday February 1, 2010 - Vol. IX Issue 2

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Technically Speaking
Information Overload: Dealing with CBRNE and HazMat Incidents
By Dr. John Nordin, PhD

We live in a dangerous world. A terrorist may seek to inflict harm on society by releasing or attempting to release a dangerous chemical, biological, or radiological material, or detonate an explosive or nuclear device (CBRNE). There are also many toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and toxic industrial materials (TIMs) used by industry and in governmental operations which can inflict serious harm if accidently released or if deliberately released as the result of a terrorist incident. There may be a clandestine operation manufacturing explosives or illegal drugs or a “storehouse” containing unknown chemicals.(FULL STORY)

Just What the Doctor Ordered
More great humor to get you through the month. (FULL STORY)

Photo Corner
Late Season in the Snowy Range (FULL STORY)


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