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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November 2005


Technically Speaking

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD v.5

Customer Service Corner

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Wonderful Wyoming

Seriously Speaking 

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Technically Speaking 
     Meth Lab Chemicals - Part 2 
       by Dr. John Nordin

Since AristaTek published a newsletter article on meth lab chemicals in March 2004, we have received requests to come up with a simplified list of starting chemicals and on hazards, such as explosions and inhalation associated with cooking of these chemicals.   The illegal meth lab operations take place in a house, motel, pickup truck, trailer, or in an abandoned building.   The final product is methamphetamine or methamphetamine hydrochloride (“ice”) or Yaba ...

Let's Take a PEEK at PEAC-WMD v.5
     How the PEAC Tool Deals With Explosives
       by Bruce King

This month we’ll review how explosives (by explosives we are referring to chemical formulations designed to react very rapidly to form a “shock wave” or “blast wave” or “over pressurization”) are dealt with in the PEAC-WMD application.  There are basically two resources provided in the PEAC-WMD application to assist the user when dealing with the possibility of an explosive device....


Customer Service Corner
     How to Verify & Update PEAC-WMD
       by Aaron Bretones

Unless you purchased the PEAC-WMD after May 1 of this year, you probably do not have a CD with the latest version of the software.  In December of 2004, AristaTek released version 5.0 of the PEAC-WMD program and sent out CD’s to all eligible customers.  In May of this year, version 5.1 was released.  The current version, which all of our customers should have, is version 5.11.

Just What the Doctor Ordered
     More great humor to get you through the month.

Wonderful Wyoming   

     Learn about Wild Mustangs in Wyoming 

Seriously Speaking 
     A Brief Thought for Thanksgiving

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