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Monday, July 18, 2005 July 2005   VOLUME IV ISSUE 3  

PEAC-WMD Special Edition


pronounced PEEK

Explosives and Terrorists
Seriously Speaking
Customer Service Corner
Just What The Doctor Ordered
Just What the Doctor Ordered (more)
Wonderful Wyoming
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Dr. John Nordin and Bruce King are very much involved in a government research project right now. We are excusing them from their regular article duties.

We have included one of Dr. Nordin's popular articles from last year. We also have some additional humor, and a new column to address some customer service issues.  

See the article intros and links below. 
Explosives and Terrorists
by Dr. John Nordin, PhD

This is a reprint of a popular article written over a year ago about common explosives used by today's terrorists. The PEAC-WMD software program has since been updated, addressing some of the issues mentioned here.
Seriously Speaking
A look at teachers and what we learn in our lives

Customer Service Corner
A New Way to Help Our Customers
by Aaron Bretones

For the first article in this series, we'll keep it short, sweet, and interesting. This article will briefly discuss your username and password, and how to change your password.
Just What The Doctor Ordered
see some funny photos

This month, humor in PICTURES!
Just What the Doctor Ordered (more)
even more great humor, as usual

Wonderful Wyoming
The Legendary Bozeman Trail

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