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PEAC-WMD Special Edition


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Registration & Validation

Customer registration and PEAC-WMD software validation procedure


By now, many of our customers have experienced AristaTek’s new registration and the PEAC-WMD validation procedures that began when the PEAC-WMDv5 software was released.  This change is an effort to improve and ultimately simplify the process of receiving upgrades and validation for our customers.  For our previous customers this is a significant change from calling our toll free number and requesting a validation code. 


This registration procedure is in place to help AristaTek identify the software user in contrast to the person that purchased the software, i.e., sometimes they are not the same. Registration provides some basic contact information for upgrades plus associated hardware.  We also want to know how you heard about the PEAC software.  Once an end-user is registered, they will also have access to the AristaTek Web page for validating the PEAC-WMD software 24/7.


If a user prefers to call and have one of our staff perform the registration process and assist with the validation, please do and we’ll be glad to help.


The registration process serves three purposes. 

  • First, AristaTek will have the contact information for the “end-user” and not a purchasing agent or warehouse where the software was delivered.  When a new upgrade is available, we can contact the end-user directly, via e-mail or snail-mail, and let them know the new upgrade is available. 
  • Second, the upgrades will be available via a download from the AristaTek web site.  This saves time for the end-user to receive the upgrade and ensures the end-user gets the upgrade. 
  • Third, some of our customers are overseas and because of time zone differences the calling of AristaTek to validate becomes a problem.  With the web page validation, this problem is reduced since the web page is available 24/7.

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